Eradicating Parasites From Your Yard: Why This Pest Control Service Is Vital To Your Health

This tidbit of information is for all those who like to walk barefoot in the grass. Yes, barefoot strolls on your lawn are wonderful. However, what is lurking in the soil and the grass may terrify you. Several kinds of parasites live there, and they are quite content to hitch a ride on your feet and feast on your blood or internal organs. No doubt, after you read the following, you will be calling pest control experts to spray your lawn for these nasty creatures.

Home Pest Control Tips

When it comes to keeping both large and small pests away from your house, you want to make sure you follow some good habits. By taking steps on a regular basis to prevent pests from being drawn to your home, you can create a safe space in which you find yourself dealing with them as little as possible. Here are some steps you can take around your house, as well as the rest of your property, that may help you keep all kinds of pests away:

Uninvited Dining Guests Bringing Sides Of Salmonella? Signs That Your Restaurant Has A Serious Rat Infestation

Your restaurant is a dream home for rats — it's full of food and nobody's around during the middle of the night, allowing them ample opportunities to feast. While they may not bother your customers during the day, they contribute to food-borne illnesses by tracking feces around your restaurant, damage the interior of your restaurant, and cause a large amount of food waste. Here are some signs that it's time to call commercial pest control services to have your restaurant inspected for a rodent infestation.

5 Mistakes You May Be Making That Help Pests To Invade Your Home

When pests invade your home, they can bring disease, and at the very least, they leave droppings, get into food, and even cause damage. While you aren't opening your front door to pests, there are some common mistakes you may be making that actually help pests invade your home with ease. Check out these five mistakes to avoid.   Having Holes and Gaps in Your Home's Exterior If a storm causes a tree to smash into your living room window, you aren't going to leave the window broken.

Not In My Yard: How To Safely Remove Moles From Your Yard

Now that the snow is beginning to melt, it's time to start rejuvenating your lawn. If you've discovered mole holes in your yard, you know that you have a battle on your hands. During the spring, moles become active again. This is the time of year when you start noticing those distinctive mounds of dirt all over your yard. Unfortunately, those mounds can be bothersome. First, they're destroying your lawn. Second, they're leaving holes in your yard that any one could step into and injure themselves.