Minimizing The Number Of Spiders On Your Property

If you have noticed several spiders have gotten inside of your home, you likely want to reduce their number as soon as possible. Spider bites are a risk if you allow these pests to continue to harbor themselves in your living space. Removing spiders from your property is necessary so they do not make their way to your structure. Here are some steps to take to reduce the spider population on your property.

Set Up Lights Away From Your Home

Spiders tend to stay in areas where illumination is present. This is because the light attracts all kinds of insects, which spiders eat. If you want spiders to leave your home alone, you need to keep the lights outside of your house off during the nighttime hours. To encourage spiders to walk to areas further away from your home, set up lighting on areas of your property where they can search for food. Use spotlights or solar power lighting several feet away from your home while keeping your porch lights off.

Keep On Top Of Exterior Cleaning

Take the time to brush off the outside of your home so spiders do not have the chance to make webs to live on. Use a broom to sweep across your siding and make sure to focus on your porch areas in detail. Wipe down exterior lighting fixtures regularly. Keep the broom within reach so you can add these cleaning tasks to your daily routine. In addition to your home, brush off lawn furniture and children's play equipment on a regular basis. Rake out any debris from underneath porches to reduce spiders as well.

Hire A Pest Control Service

It is wise to hire a pest control service to tend to your outdoor living space each year to keep it free of all types of pests. A pest control service will use high-grade products to eliminate spiders in their entirety. This is usually done with the use of environmentally-friendly products so your foliage does not suffer from damage from treatment. You may need to have several treatments if spiders have infested your land. Once spiders are eliminated, you may find that insects become a problem as spiders are not around to eat them. Pest control services will treat your property for a variety of pests so this does not become an issue. Be sure to inquire about the products used and the pests they eliminate before a spider treatment is conducted.

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