What To Expect From A Residential Pest Control Visit

Whether you have been experiencing a pest problem inside or around your home or you simply want to prevent pests from infesting your living space, you took the plunge and contacted a pest control service to come to your residence. Here is what you can expect when the service arrives.

The Service Worker Will Conduct A Full Evaluation

When a pest control service worker arrives at your home, they will first want to assess the entire interior and exterior of your home for signs of a pest problem. This involves checking over the walls and ceilings for cracks or holes where pests have made their way inside, looking at the insulation in your attic to see if it has been compromised, and searching for excrement, wings, or fur from the pest you are dealing with. They will also check over the outside areas around your home for signs of nesting, hives, and webs. When all of these points have been looked at in detail, the worker will have a better idea about the pests your home is harboring and where the pests are located within your home or upon your property.

Your Preferred Method Of Treatment Is Applied Or Used

The pest control worker will make recommendations regarding the treatments that will work best at exterminating pests, having them relocated, or trapping them. It is up to you which method you would like to use in some situations. If you decide to use a pest control agent, consider using one that is friendly to the environment and safe for children and pets to be around if you have them in your home. If you use a harsher chemical, it is best that all inhabitants leave the home during its application. 

A Follow-Up Appointment Is Made To Check On Success

After the pest control worker treats your home, it is best that you have them return to do an evaluation of the success of the treatment you had selected. If you opted for trapping a particular type of pest or animal, the worker will check the traps they put out to see if they had captured any creatures or insects within the containment system. If a wild animal is caught, it will be relocated to another area. A residential pest control worker will alert you about the proper disposal of any pests captured in a trap that causes them to die. If signs of the pest problem are still present, another method of treatment will be administered.

For more information on residential pest control, contact a professional near you.