Helpful Honey Bees: Don't Exterminate, Relocate!

Honey bees are beneficial insects because they pollinate crops. These bees also provide wax and honey, so you don't want to exterminate them like other insect pests.

These bees build hives in trees, rock crevices, and other areas that the scouting bees find suitable for their colony. So, sometimes the hive ends up too close to your home or outdoor recreation area.

When kids playing outside or an outdoor gather disturbs the bees, they swarm in defense of their hive and colony. While you don't want anyone to get stung, you also don't want to kill these beneficial creatures.

The solution is honey bee relocation instead of extermination. But, how do you relocate a hive without agitating the bees? Here are some tips.

Smoke Them Out

To bees, smoke means fire and it's time to move out of the hive. Building a small fire under the hive at night makes the bees flee. Nighttime is best because all bees are in the hive.

Use cardboard, old dried wood, or paper and build a fire in an incinerator. Place the fire under the hive and allow it to do the work.

Use Offensive Odors

Honey bees find certain smells offensive. The odor makes them find a new location. There are a variety of smells bees hate.

  • Mothballs
  • Cinnamon
  • Vinegar
  • Garlic
  • Citronella

For this method to work, you must create a spray using garlic or vinegar and water to spray on the hive at night. Again, do this while the bees are in the hive and dormant.

You can sprinkle cinnamon around the hive every day until the bees decide to move on. For the mothballs, hang a bag full of mothballs near the bees' nest.

Citronella candles placed around and under the hive for a few days. Like mosquitoes, bees hate the smell, so it'll drive them away.

Call In Professionals

If you're not having success with various odors, or you just don't want to take the time to try those methods, call in the professionals.

Beekeepers want honey bees to add to their hives. If you call a local beekeeper, they are likely to come to relocate the bees for free.

You can also call local honey bee relocation services in your area. This option may cost a fee, but it's worth the peace of mind knowing you and your family won't get stung.

Bees are productive, essential insects, so don't kill them. Relocate them.

For more information on honey bee relocation, contact a professional near you.