Dealing With Bed Bugs? Why You Should Leave The Prep Work To The Bed Bug Service

If you've discovered bed bugs in your home, and you plan to have house guests during the holidays, it's time to take action. If you plan to exterminate the bed bugs on your own, it's time to make a new plan of attack. Bed bugs aren't like the typical bugs you can find in your home. Once bed bugs invade your home, they can be nearly impossible to get rid of, especially if you don't use a professional pest control service. However, you need to go beyond hiring a bed bug service; you also need to put them in charge of the prep work. 

Prep work involves all of the steps that need to be taken prior to the pesticide treatment. This includes steps such as emptying your closets, flipping your mattresses, and moving the furniture. You may think those are steps you can do on your own, but that's also not the case. Here are just two of the reasons you need to have the pest control company include the prep work in the bed bug service they provide. 

Save Time and Money

If you've decided to handle the prep work on your own, you might think that you're going to save time and money on the service. However, that's not necessarily the case. If you attempt to prep your home for bed bug extermination, you might spend more time than expected on the project. Not only that, but you might not do the job correctly. Unfortunately, that means that your pest control crew will need to take care of the remaining prep work before they're able to begin the pesticide treatment. As a result, the treatment may end up taking more time than expected, costing you more than you anticipated. Save yourself some time and money. Have your bed bug service take care of the prep work for you. 

Avoid Unwanted Cross-Infestation

If you plan to stay in a hotel or with friends during the pesticide treatment, you'll want to leave the prep work to the bed bug service. You might not have any bed bugs on you right now, but that could change once you start prepping your home for treatment. Unfortunately, if any bed bugs do end up on your clothing, you could cause infestations elsewhere. The easiest way to avoid that risk is to leave the prep work to the bed bug service you've hired.