3 Tips To Help You Trap Mice In Your Home

Mice can be tricky to get rid of. They can easily come and go unnoticed, although they will leave signs around your home of their presence. If you aren't trapping the mice in your home, no matter how much cleaning you do, the mice are still going to be present in your home, as they will find something to eat. If you have mice in your home, you need to trap them and get rid of them permanently, in addition to doing what you can to prevent any future issues with mice. Read below for tips to trap mice in your home.

1. Use A Variety Of Traps

Snap traps aren't the only type of traps you should be using. There are other types of traps that can be used as well. Enclosed traps that lure the mice inside and then kill the mice can also be used. If you use a variety of traps, you may have a better chance of catching the mice. Be sure to check the traps often so you can refresh the bait and reset them to ensure you can trap even more mice.

2. Set The Traps With A Variety Of Bait

Be sure you are using different types of bait to lure the mice to the traps. Some mice may prefer peanut butter, or you can use small amounts of birdseed or nuts. You may also have some success using cheese, or you can use poisonous baits, which can help kill the mice whether the mice get caught in the traps or not. Be sure you freshen the baits every couple of days to ensure the mice will be attracted to the bait.

3. Set The Traps In The Right Place

Be sure you set the traps in the right places around your home. You're going to want to set traps where you've seen mice droppings or other signs of mice around your home. If you have seen signs of mice, set the traps in these areas. Be sure to also set the traps along the walls of your home, or along an edge of some sort. Mice will usually run along the walls. 

If you have a problem with mice in your home, you need to start setting traps in order to get rid of them. Hire a rodent control company to get rid of the mice in your home and to help you prevent a future problem with mice