Five Ways Bed Bugs Can Get Into Your Home

No one wants a bed bug infestation in their home. The best way to avoid one is to know some of the more common ways that the pests can find their way inside.

1. Hotels and Travel

One of the more common ways bed bugs make their way into a home is they are brought in from travel. If there are bed bugs in your hotel or other lodging, they can easily find their way into your suitcase or clothing and then be transported to your home. Cut down on the chances of this by Placing suitcases on suitcase racks in the hotel room instead of on the floor. Then, promptly wash everything as soon as you get home.

2. Overnight Guests

An overnight guest can unwittingly bring bed bugs into your home if they have picked them up in their travels. You likely won't know the infestation has occurred until after your guest returns home. To minimize the chances while maintaining subtlety, provide a suitcase rack for all overnight guests. Pull beds away from the wall and avoid sheets that reach the floor on the bed. Further, seal guest mattresses in a bed bug cover and wash all bedding as soon as your guest leaves.

3. Close Neighbors

You are more likely to get bed bugs if you live in communal housing such as in a condo or townhome. This is because bed bugs can travel from a neighbors unit to your own quite easily. Using bed bug resistant mattress covers can help prevent issues. You should also work with your HOA to have the buildings regularly treated for bed bugs and other pests.

4. Used Furniture

Used furniture can be quite a deal, but sometimes you might bring home more than you are bargaining for. Upholstered furniture poses the greatest risk, but even wooden furniture can harbor the pests. The best tactic to avoid bed bugs is to skip upholstered furniture and to thoroughly wipe down and clean wood furniture before bringing it into your home. Make sure to get into every nook and cranny where  a bed bug could be hiding.

5. Clothing

Although not common, it is possible for bed bugs to hitch a ride in clothing. It's more likely to occur if you are somewhere that is ideal for bed bugs for a long time, such as sitting on an upholstered movie theater chair in the dark. If you are concerned, change your clothing and wash them when you return home from high risk areas.

Contact a bed bug exterminator service immediately if you suspect that you have an infestation.