Keep Your Home Critter-Free For The Holidays

Expecting a houseful of guests this holiday season? If so, there is plenty on your to-do list. One thing that isn't on there most likely is wrestling those critters and preventing them from sabotaging your party. If you do have a sneaky little guy or a whole family encroaching, now is the time to take control. Here are some ways to keep your home critter-free for the holidays and beyond. 

Button up Your Property 

As the weather turns cooler toward the end of fall, this is the time a lot of wildlife look for food and a cozy place to call their own. If you have any gaps in your siding, windows, or flooring, they can easily sneak in. Sometimes they aren't noticed until it's too late, and they have already wreaked devastation. Opossums love to find garbage cans and other items to make a warm home for their babies. Keep wild animals out of your garage with proper insulation and weatherstripping around door jambs. Call an exterminator in your area if you are unable to get rid of them by opening the door and coaxing them out. 

Dispose of Waste Properly

In addition to making sure there are no gaps or spaces for wildlife to enter your home or garage, don't forget to keep your place tidy. Doing a lot of holiday baking? Some animals may be attracted to your kitchen or food scraps. Dispose of all garbage into a sealed container. This goes for outdoor waste too. Eliminate brush and leaf piles, and either burn or recycle your trash. Raccoons and cats love to tip over garbage cans and get into any trash lying around. Keeping everything sealed or put away can keep these animals at bay. 

Call in a Pest Control Pro   

There is nothing worse than having out-of-town family stay the night and waking up to a bat flying in the house. A bat's elusive behavior and swooping technique can be scary, but they are generally harmless. They do however sometimes carry leprosy and, in rare cases, rabies, so if you do spot a bat inside, be sure to call in the pest pros. A residential wildlife removal crew in your neck of the woods should have no problem locating the winged visitors and even determining how they are getting in. This gives you a precise area to focus on to help prevent future unwanted visits by these creatures of the night. 

The holidays are all about opening up your home to friends and family. Make your guests have a memorable experience by keeping pesky animals out.