Pesky Insect Invaders: These Crawl Space Treatment Tips Should Help

If various insects suddenly invade your home, the first thing you may do is spray around your house Although bug spray may treat some types of insects, it may not get rid of every pest in your home. In order to battle all of the pests invading your home and win, you'll need to treat your crawl space. Learn how treating your crawl space can help deter pests.

Is Your Crawl Space Responsible for Your Pest Problems?

German cockroaches, palmetto bugs, mosquitoes, and other unsavory pests normally outdoors. However, insects can invade your house if they find a way inside it. Once inside your home, insects can trek into your kitchen, bathroom, and bedrooms.

Insects enter homes in various ways. The pests can crawl or fly through broken window glass or under uneven doors. Many insects can also construct nests inside a damp and dark crawl space. If the floorboards, beams, and other structures supporting your crawl space aren't sound enough, insects can take advantage of it to enter your home.

If you treat your crawl space, you can put an end to the influx of insects in your house.

Is There a Proper Way to Treat Your Crawl Space?

Treating your crawl space may seem like a big undertaking, but it isn't. One of the companies you can contact for services is pest control. Pest control contractors won't only treat your bug problem; they can seal and secure your crawl space as well.

The first thing contractors might do is check your crawl space for moisture. Roaches and other pests thrive in moist conditions. Some insects also eat other insects. If your crawl space is damp and full of bugs, pest control can take care of both issues.

After contractors remove the insects and moisture from your crawl space, they may begin the encapsulation process. The process may include:

  • sheet the dirt below the crawl space with plastic
  • cover the interior structures inside the crawl space with a barrier, such as plastic or vinyl
  • insulate the pipes inside the crawl space

Pest control may also do other critical things to your crawl space to keep bugs out. If anything concerns you about your crawl space, such as time and costs, speak directly with your pest control contractors. 

If pesky insects invade your home, and you need immediate help treating the pests and your crawl space, call crawl space encapsulation services for help now.