Eradicating Parasites From Your Yard: Why This Pest Control Service Is Vital To Your Health

This tidbit of information is for all those who like to walk barefoot in the grass. Yes, barefoot strolls on your lawn are wonderful. However, what is lurking in the soil and the grass may terrify you. Several kinds of parasites live there, and they are quite content to hitch a ride on your feet and feast on your blood or internal organs. No doubt, after you read the following, you will be calling pest control experts to spray your lawn for these nasty creatures. 


Infected humans that do their "business" outdoors will drop lots of hookworm eggs onto the ground. When the eggs hatch into larvae, the larvae hang around until they mature into adults. The adult hookworm has horrific mouth parts that burrow straight into your flesh. Then the hookworms hop a ride in your bloodstream until they reach your heart, lungs, and/or intestines.

While their intention is to breed in your intestines, there have been cases of hookworms found in the heart, lungs, and other bodily organs. Generally, you contract hookworms by walking in grass where an infected person "did #2". Hookworms are patient, so they can wait around for bare feet for a while. Worse still, floods and rain can wash infected fecal matter into your yard. Pest control sprays can kill them.


Ticks do not know that your backyard is not wilderness. They just know they are in grass where a meal will walk by.  Ticks are notorious disease carriers, and they gorge themselves on your blood by shoving their heads deep in your exposed flesh. It just takes one barefoot walk through the grass where a tick is lying quietly in wait. Pest control sprays can kill all the ticks in your yard, too.


Chiggers are tiny little mites that typically feed off of leaves on trees. The adults will not bite you, but their young will. Worse still, their young hatch from eggs that have been dropped to the ground from a tree infested with adult chiggers. This means that the young, bloodthirsty nymphs will be more than happy to sup on your naked feet as you walk on the grass. 

Spraying infected trees prevent mating and kills adults, which in turn prevents young chiggers from biting you. Having pest control spray the lawn at the same time that trees are sprayed is an excellent plan. It kills almost all, if not all, of the bugs that eventually think your feet are quite tasty.