Home Pest Control Tips

When it comes to keeping both large and small pests away from your house, you want to make sure you follow some good habits. By taking steps on a regular basis to prevent pests from being drawn to your home, you can create a safe space in which you find yourself dealing with them as little as possible. Here are some steps you can take around your house, as well as the rest of your property, that may help you keep all kinds of pests away:

Keep your trash locked up

One of the best ways to keep certain pests and wildlife out of your yard, such as raccoons or even bears, is to invest in a garbage can with a locking lid. This way they won't be able to open the trash to find an easy meal. Keep in mind that even the trash in your kitchen can provide treats for pests on a smaller scale. Taking your trash out regularly, and making sure not to throw tempting things in the kitchen trash such as fresh fruit or meat, can help you to have a better handle on pests inside the home, like flies and ants.

Pick up your pet's food

Leaving a bowl of pet food outside is a good way for you to end up with all kinds of pests in your yard. This is why it's a good idea to bring their feeding bowls inside when you are locking up for the night. If you feed your pets wet food, it's a good idea to rinse out the bowls as soon as they are done eating. The pungent aroma of the wet food can quickly signal those smaller pests like flies, ants, and even roaches -- something you really don't want to find yourself dealing with around your home.

Keep your rain gutters cleaned out

Mosquitoes are another kind of pest you have to deal with during certain times of the year. One of the ways you can help to cut down on your chances of dealing with them is to make sure you keep your rain gutters clean, so water doesn't pool in them and create the perfect environment in which mosquitoes can breed. You also want to make sure you remove all sources of stagnant water around the yard, and keep anything picked up that may collect rain water in it or water from your yard's sprinklers.

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