3 Of The Most Important Places To Check For Mice In Your Home

They're small, intelligent, and fast, but they are also incredibly damaging to your home. Mice are a huge problem if you have them in your home, and can sometimes cause thousands of dollars in damage before a homeowner ever realizes that there is a problem. Because mice shy away from human interaction, they tend to stay hidden when you are around, but just because you don't see them, you should never assume the rodents aren't there. Here are a few of the most important and telling places to look for mice in your home if you suspect there's a hidden problem. 

In Your Attic Insulation

If you have an unfinished attic where you rarely go, it is the ideal place to find mice, especially nested into the insulation where they feel comfortable and hidden. Put on a good pair of rubber gloves and head up in the attic with a flashlight. If you do have mice in the attic insulation, you will spot telltale signs of the problem because mice tend to leave behind little droppings about everywhere they go. If you spot droppings, don't be afraid to look closer and analyze them to make sure they are not leftover from a mouse that was just passing through. Fresh droppings will be a darker color, while old droppings tend to take on a grey hue after they age. 

In your Cabinetry

Cabinetry provides an excellent place for mice to hide, especially those cabinets that you hardly use. To determine if there are mice hiding out in your kitchen or bathroom cabinets, open all the doors and drawers and get a close look with a flashlight into those dark corners. With all the doors and drawers open, you may even catch a critter in the act of trying to hide away. However, if you do not spot a mouse, look for signs of their presence, such as droppings, nesting materials, and bits of food. 

In Storage Boxes

Stored boxes are pretty common in different parts of the home, whether it is the seasonal clothing you have in your closet or the holiday decor out in the garage. Because these boxes are basically left untouched for months on end, they are an attractive hideaway for mice. Pull out a few of these stored boxes if you believe there is a mouse problem in your home and rustle the contents about to check for signs of rodents. 

For help with inspecting your home for mice, reach out to a company like Mice Guys, Inc.