Controlling Fleas Around Your Home: What You Can Do

Fleas are pesky bugs that affect not just the pets in your home, but can cause itchy bites on your body as well. These tiny bugs can multiply like crazy and take over your home if you aren't careful. Controlling these fleas is key. If you aren't sure how to handle getting rid of these bugs call a pest control specialist for help. See below for tips on how to get rid of fleas.

Vacuum Thoroughly

Fleas can hide in the carpet piles of your home, so you need to vacuum thoroughly each day to help get rid of these bugs. Vacuum slowly to get rid of as many of these bugs as possible. Empty the canister or bag outside of your house, as fleas can jump and will jump out of your garbage can. It's best to just take the contents outside of your home.

Bomb Your House

Use a flea bomb in your house to get rid of the fleas. Set a flea bomb on each level of your house. Be sure to place children's toys inside a plastic garbage bag to keep them protected from the pesticide. You can wash the toys in a bleach water solution later as well to clean them. Follow the manufacturer's instructions on the flea bomb to set it off and leave the house for a few hours while it does its job. Pets should also be out of the house during this time. After the flea bomb is finished, go inside the house and open up the windows to air out your home, then vacuum your home. Wash all bedding after setting off a flea bomb.

Give Pets A Bath

Give your pets a flea bath to get rid of fleas on them. You can find special shampoos to kill fleas on your pet. If you have a cat that isn't too keen on baths, take your cat to a groomer or the veterinarian instead. Be sure to give your pets flea medication to help prevent fleas from biting your pets.

Get Rid Of Fleas Outside

Fleas can also be in your grass outside, which is usually how they get into your home. They attach themselves to your socks and shoes, or to your pet and then come inside your home. Get rid of the fleas outside by sprinkling a granular flea control pesticide outside in your grass. Follow the manufacturer's instructions on the package. You can find this type of pesticide at your local hardware or big box store.

Fleas are pests that may look tiny and insignificant, but they can cause you big problems if you aren't careful. Get rid of these pests and call a home pest control specialist for help if you aren't able to get control of them.