Keeping Ants Out Of Your Preschool Classroom

If you are a preschool teacher, you are bound to deal with messes in your classroom on an everyday basis. If you have been noticing ants crawling in areas where children play and learn, steps will need to be taken immediately to eradicate them. Here are some tips you can use in your classroom to keep ants at bay:

Make It A Priority To Clean Food Immediately

Ants will stick around in areas where there is a food supply to eat. If your students have lunch or snack time in the classroom, ants will be likely to stay in this area as the accumulation of crumbs will be attractive. As soon as students are done eating, wash down tables to remove sticky substances and loose crumbs from their surfaces. Keep a small vacuum cleaner on hand to whisk up crumbs from under the tables as well. The bag or canister contents should be thrown into a trash bag for disposal so ants do not try getting into the equipment.

Check The Building For Entry Areas

Call a siding specialist to check the condition of your preschool's exterior if ants are noticeably walking on the outside of the building. They will take the time to fill in any cracks with an appropriate caulk to keep ants from using these areas to get inside of the classroom. Windows and doorways should also be checked as ants can squeeze themselves through voids near frames as well.

Take Away Pest Attractions Outdoors

If your school has a pile of wood on the property, it is a good idea to have it moved far from the structure as this could be a haven for a variety of pests, putting children at risk of exposure to bacteria as a result. Keep dumpsters out of view of the building as well. If you have a class pet in a cage outdoors, make sure to remove its food dish after feeding time. The pet should be brought into the classroom after hours as well. Consider adding a layer of stone around the perimeter of the school building as ants will avoid walking on rocks if grassy surfaces are nearby.

Use A Few Deterrents To Keep Ants At Bay

Ants tend to stay away from chalky substances. Drawing lines of chalk underneath doorways, on window sills or on asphalt surfaces around the school will help to keep ants on the other side of them as they will avoid walking through them. Talc is another substance ants will avoid. Sprinkle talc powder in areas where children will not be playing during times the school will not be in session. This can be easily vacuumed up before students arrive for the day.

Contact an ant control company for more information and assistance.