Controlling Fleas In Your Home

If you have pets, you want to do everything you can to prevent fleas from getting on your pets and in your home. If you don't prevent fleas or get a handle on them as soon as you know that there is an issue, you can find your family and pets being attacked relentlessly. Here is some great advice for preventing fleas and getting rid of them if you do end up finding them on your pets and/or in your house:

Get your pets on a preventative right away

The best way for you to prevent your pets from getting fleas in the first place is to get them on a good preventative. You can ask your vet which one they suggest and you can even buy it directly from them. You will put the preventative on your pets once a month and it will prevent them from getting both fleas and ticks. If your pets already have fleas, the preventative will kill the ones that are already on them.

Treat your house for fleas

Once fleas get inside of the house they can be very hard to get rid of. If they aren't going after your pets then they will be coming after you. Even if your pets are on a preventative, you may still need to get rid of the fleas that are now taking up residence in your carpet and furniture. You can purchase sprays and powders that you apply to the carpet that will kill the fleas. Keep in mind that many of these products won't kill the eggs, so you will need to continue using them regularly to kill the newly hatched fleas. Once you give the product a day or so to work, you want to do a good job of vacuuming so you can hopefully remove many of the eggs.

Treat your yard for fleas

You can continue to track more fleas into your home if you don't make sure you treat the yard. Other animals can easily come into your yard and drop them and your animals can pick them up or they can even be tracked in on your clothing. You can buy yard sprays that connect to your garden hose so you can quickly spray the lawn. If you continue having issues with fleas then you should call a pest control company to come out and help with the situation.

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