3 Helpful Steps For Eliminating Mice For Good

Seeing a mouse scurry across the floor in your home can be a frightening and disturbing event for many people, and finding mouse droppings in your kitchen drawers can be even worse. If you have a mouse in your house, there is a good chance you have multiple mice living there, and you will need to take action quickly if you want to eliminate the problem for good. Here are three steps that are very helpful for achieving this goal.

Seal Up Holes In Your Home

If mice are in your home, you need to ask yourself how they got there. Mice can enter through holes that are much smaller than their body sizes, which means there must be holes somewhere in your home, and you might not even realize this. The first step to make sure mice do not get inside your home is eliminating their methods of entry, and you can do this with several different inexpensive products. The products you may need include caulk, steel wool, and spray-foam.

To seal holes, you should take these products with you and begin inspecting the outside of your home, primarily looking near the base of the home. If you see holes, place steel wool or spray foam in the holes to seal them. Walk around your entire home and do this as necessary. After that, place a bead of caulk around every window, doorway, and vent on your home. Sealing your home may not stop every mouse from getting in, but it will make it a lot harder for them to sneak inside.

Get A Cat

Getting a cat is one of the best things you could do if you want to get rid of mice. Cats have an incredible sense of smell, and they love catching mice. In addition, mice can smell cats, and they know that cats are their enemy. Because of this, mice might think twice before entering into a home that has a cat inside. If you are allergic to cats, you might not be able to have an indoor cat, but keeping an outdoor cat could also be helpful. An outdoor cat may catch mice that are living near your home, and this could also reduce the possibility of mice getting inside.

Keep Your Kitchen As Tidy As Possible

Finally, if you do not offer any types of food to mice, they probably will not want to live in your home. While mice can feed on a lot of different things, they will be most attracted to food, which is why you are likely to see mouse droppings in your pantry and on your kitchen floors and counters. You may also see droppings in utensil drawers, because utensils often have food particles on them.

One of the best ways to get rid of mice is to stop their food source from being available to them, and you might be able to do this by keeping your kitchen cleaner. Each day, you should make sure you clean up all spills on counters and floors, and you should place all your food items in sealed containers. Sealed containers not only keep mice out, but they also reduce the scent of the food that may attract the mice in the first place.

Taking time to complete these three steps can make a huge difference with rodents in a home. If you do these things and are still having problems with rodents, you will probably need to call a pest control company for professional help. Visit a site like http://www.dontgivepestsachance.com/ to learn about professional pest control companies that can help eliminate all types of pest problems for good.