Tips for Primary Pest Control for Your New Place

When you move into a new place you want to look around for any problems that you may need to address. Check the roof for leaks, check the plumbing for problems and make sure you take steps to prevent pest control issues from arising and being a big problem for you. This article will help when it comes to learning what to look for when it comes to potential problem areas with regards to pest issues and walk you through some things you can do to correct those issues.

Look for and repair any entrances they can get through

When it comes to taking care of areas pests can come in through, you want to look for both the obvious and the very hidden areas. Check all the screens and make sure any holes or rips are repaired. Make sure the door threshold meets with the bottom of the door so there isn't a gap bugs and even mice can come through. Look under sinks and make sure the areas around the pipes are sealed all the way.

Try to control pests through preventative measures

One of the best things that you can do in order to prevent pest issues is to have someone come out regularly to spray both the yard and the house. There may be certain times of the year when the treatments should be closer together. For example, if you have had a lot of rain lately then you may want to move up that next treatment. Also, if you live in a very hot region and the heat has been in the triple digits for a length of time then you should have the pest control company come out sooner since the extreme heat can help to bake away some of the spray.

Keep your house clean

Another very important thing for you to do to prevent pest issues is to keep your entire house nice and clean. Not only do you want to make sure the inside is clean, but you also want to stay on top of the garage, any other out buildings and the yard. When you don't stay on top of everything one area of your property can become infested. If there is an infestation in one area then it won't be long before you start to find that you are having problems all over the property and eventually inside of your house.

You can find more information by contacting a pest control company today.