Three Key Differences Between A Residential Exterminator And A Commercial Exterminator

While you might think that exterminators are all the same, the truth is, they are not. There are residential exterminators, who handle residential pests, and commercial exterminators, who handle commercial pests. Here are some of their key differences, which should help you select the correct exterminator for your pest problem.

Commercial Exterminators Eliminate Rats and Common Warehouse Pests

Typically, a commercial exterminator is called in to handle warehouse pests. Rats are a big problem here, as are cockroaches and other imported or invasive pest species. Bugs that ride into the warehouse with grain or consumables meant for human or animal consumption are also a problem because of the diseases they spread and the contamination they lend to the products in which they are discovered. A commercial exterminator is able to eliminate these pests without poisoning products or causing greater contamination, thereby saving most of the shipments that come into the warehouse.

Residential Exterminators Eliminate Common Household Pests

Residential exterminators may also destroy cockroaches, but he/she may see a different species of roach in home invasion than the roaches that enter a warehouse. Residential exterminators also spray your home for more common pests, such as spiders, ants, silverfish, centipedes, millipedes, cupboard beetles, and carpet beetles. Mice are more common in homes than rats, so a residential exterminator may be asked to remove mice from a home. It is rare for an exterminator to be called in to remove rats from a home unless the house is very old and not well-tended.

Commercial Exterminators May Service an Entire City

Commercial exterminators may focus their business on just commercial extermination in order to serve an entire city of commercial clients. Residential exterminators may focus their business on just one concentrated area or section of a city, especially if the competition is steep and the area that an exterminator has chosen has more than enough clients to sustain his/her business.

Areas of Service Where Residential and Commercial Extermination Cross Over

There are areas of service where residential and commercial extermination may cross over. Besides cockroaches, these two types of exterminators may remove mice from both residential and commercial locations. Ants are also a problem in both commercial and residential areas. Wasps and bees may intrude on commercial areas, even though they are more frequently found in residential structures. Bed bugs are a problem for commercial properties that provide lodging, as well as in private homes where they have been transferred to family beds after traveling.

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