Eliminate Bed Bugs And Prevent Additional Infestations

If bed bugs have been biting you and keeping you up at night and you have been dealing with an itchy rash on a daily basis as a result, the following steps will assist with wiping out the infestation of pests. Afterward, maintaining the condition of your bedroom will prevent additional bed bug infestations. 


  • clothes dryer
  • industrial-strength detergent
  • chlorine bleach
  • bucket of warm water
  • oxygenated bleach
  • lint-free cloths
  • towel
  • non-toxic pesticide (designed to kill and repel bed bugs)
  • waterproof mattress cover
  • herbal oil

Clean Bedding And Wipe Off Nonporous Surfaces

Place bedding in a washing machine and add industrial-strength detergent to it. Adjust the washing machine's temperature setting to high because hot water will kill bed bugs. After bedding has been laundered, place clean items in a dryer that is adjusted to a high setting. Add a small amount of chlorine bleach to a bucket of water. Use the cleaning solution and a lint-free cloth to clean nonporous surfaces in the bedroom.

Wooden furniture or delicate materials should be cleaned with oxygenated bleach that has been mixed with water to prevent them from becoming damaged. Once surfaces have been treated, they need to be dried with a towel. Remove the mattress from your bed's frame and lean the mattress against one of your bedroom's walls. Apply a non-toxic spray that is designed to kill bed bugs to both sides of the mattress.

Add A Mattress Cover And Use Herbal Oil

After the pesticide has dried, encase the mattress in a waterproof cover. If possible, have someone help you with this step. One person can hold the mattress upright while the other one drapes the cover over both sides of it. Covers often contain a zipper enclosure that will prevent fabric from separating from a mattress. A cover will form a barrier that will deter bed bugs and prevent your mattress from becoming soiled. Place the mattress on top of the bed's frame and add the recently-laundered bedding to your bed. 

Maintain The Cleanliness Of Your Bedroom

Launder your bedding regularly and wipe off the mattress cover with a damp, soapy cloth as needed. Apply a few drops of herbal oil to a soft cloth and wipe the cloth over nonporous surfaces. Herbal oils will repel bed bugs and freshen up the scent of your bedroom. Maintaining the cleanliness of your sleeping quarters will help keep bed bugs at bay.